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May. 30th, 2008

Good to have you back

“Journeys end...every wise man's son doth know”

I think that's Twelfth Night by the way. You forgot the last bit "every wise man's son doth know."  I'm sure you knew you left that part  out.. 

May. 4th, 2008

Your Question...

Best? Where do i start...

Paris (everywhere in the city! I like to just walk, set out, without a destination in mind...you'll see what i mean...not just the typical tourist spots...although, a stroll from Notre Dame to Eiffel Tour would be among faves for me)

Rouen...most historically beautiful place I've been to....your oldest gothic church..and paved streets...

Lillle...different from most other places, and so colourful! seems always full of students...

St Malo...again, different from all of the above..people...architecture(the town is a fortress! lit up and paved..)...crazy wild sea with the most incredible tides

Etretat...most "pittoresque" cliffs (perhaps you'll want to jog up them?)..and sea

St. Tropez, Marseille (ok, so the last one is not the cleanest...but the ambiance is way to charming to resist...+ so much history!)

Everywhere the TGV passes....you've never seen more beautiful countryside

um...les banlieux de Paris...don't even try the suburbs...especially not the North-East ones...

Toilets in large cities...and TGV trains (smaller cities tend to be much better tho, and the cleanliness improves toward North)

Those greyish...depressing looking towns you see on the train from Paris to Rouen ...

May. 2nd, 2008


What are mole enchiladas? I'm sad about missing rodent-stuffed rolls.

France is lovely today! We lounged around the Jardin de Luxembourg and had tagines and mint tea at the Mosquee de Paris.


May. 1st, 2008

In Defense of "Variety"

The Italian kitchen is what I always find myself returning too. Simple, elegant, delicious. If I had to choose one kitchen to live off for the rest of my life, I wouldn't need a second to make up my mind.

Where I come from (and it's not in the middle of the countryside..) people still grow things, in their own back garden and everyone loves making things and cooking. They rent lands with their friends to share and grow all sorts.

That being said, however, I would be sad at the thought of never again enjoying Japanese sushi, Indian butter chicken, Vietnamese ginger-honey pork, Indonesian ayam batak, juicy Australian kangaroo fresh off the barbie, Croatian cevabcici, greek feta cheese, Spanish paella, spicy Moroccan lamb, a French crêpe (mmm!), or just a big bowl of fresh Danish strawberries with cream... (damn, now I'm hungry!)

Apr. 28th, 2008

Take Heart

I'm meeting Angela and Robert at the Tate Saturday. Why don't you join us in the afternoon? After we'll be at 55 in Camden. A fantastic bar - great staff, wonderful cocktails and a good crowd. Also, between 6-8 every evening, it's 2-for-1. Well worth checking out.

After that it's Bloomsbury Bowling Alley which does karaoke with Japanese-style private booths. The machines don't have a great number of songs, but it's cheap and cheerful. The bowling alley is located underneath Tavistock Hotel near Tavistock Square.

Call me when you're home.  We should talk. I understand what you're asking now. I'm okay with it.

So call me.

Post update: How do you get images to line up with the text like on your LJ page?

Post post update: Magic? Oh you know what smartass earns you, boy. That's right....kittens. Dancing kittens. I may not know how to <align> but I can <embed> (smirk) with the best of them.

Apr. 27th, 2008

The Taoist Grumble or What I Should Have Written But Didn't or Those Shoes You Spoke of Dropped By

Why not learn by doing and accepting, rather than speaking and dissecting?

Immerse in experience, for knowledge is limited.

If you want to find the light at the end of the tunnel, start walking.

"Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship."
Oscar Wilde

(Well, there are exceptions...)

(Well, I owe you £5)

Apr. 16th, 2008

Sleep Sleep Sleep

This is me in five hours. Flaming June. Light at tunnel's end. Flowers in the

Post update:
My god, I can't believe you exploded my first post in weeks into philosophical debate. But I am up to the challenge, good Sir. Ahem. Fashion Designer slash student of philosophy, remember?

I like your exacting clarifications with regards to the scientific aspects of things, but I disagree with your suggestion that the concept of whether or not time exists in the absence of mind (mine or yours, you little schemer) is of no relevance to a discussion of the nature of time.

The nature of time is critically dependent on whether or not it is an expression or creation of mind. You're making the assumption that the earth,sun,etc all exist, and in the form that we perceive them to exist, in the absence of a human observer.

Post post update:

You bitch. Heh. Okay. I recommend "The Ending of Time" by Krishnamurti and Bohm to stimulate some contemplation. I found myself very agreeable to Bohm's conception of the nature of time.

Apr. 5th, 2008

Since we're on the subject of Kierkegaard

Nice quotes, BTW, and very well said.

To sum up--

I think in the end, it doesn't matter what we believe, what matters is how we act towards others and that character is what matters most.

My other question, is that as flawed as religion is, how can we encourage the development of a reasonable moral compass in children without religion?

And I agree morals are self-imposed, but we don't live alone in a world/universe, we live with many other people. So it behooves us to work well together.

Sadly for a lot of people with poor emotional development/maturity, they need someone or something to force them to develop a moral compass or they will think that they can do anything to anyone for any reason.

I don't want to force my morals down anyone's throat, but I always want to be treated nicely and civilly.

So how do we encourage that without enforcing the teaching of some moral lessons...

Next week then...But, Yes, Crete

Issi harbour at sunset
The Samaria Gourge early in the morning mist
Chania old town
Ag Nik lake at night
Sip a drink, listen to the Jazz at Ittar Heraklion Town
Watch the fishermen unload their catch in Kastelli

Other random photos...

You agree then (you have to agree)

Mar. 27th, 2008

Detail from The Execution of Lady Jane Grey (National Gallery)


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